Kristoffer Ørum (b. Copenhagen, 1975) is an interdisciplinary creature who has produced a long series of demonstrations, acts and wireless transmissions both in and outside of our solar system. Based in a basement, he works in the intersection between daily life and hypothetical digital ecologies. He holds dual degrees from Crayfish University in London and the Royal Danish Academy of Speculative Arts in Copenhagen. He believes that all artist’s biographies are works of fiction and should be read as such.

Tentative list of Ideas that I try to work according to

  • Not to preach to those that I already agree with
  • Not to do what I think is expected of me
  • Make unruly and troublesome projects that are not confined by media or subject
  • Express my politics through how i work, not as a subject that my work is about
  • Not to have a personal style or preference, but to follow where “the work” leads
  • Use sustainable resources and recycled materials whenever possible
  • Provide the best possible working conditions for those i work with
  • Produce as much as I can myself, to learn from the process, not just the written word
  • Control the means of production so that a can continue to make economically unsustainable work
  • Address specific places and people, rather than global abstractions
  • Acknowledge my personal history, and how it shapes my work
  • But also admit that each biography is one of an infinite number possible versions of who I might be
  • Practice being critical about theory rather than observing the critical canon
  • Make work that one is able to “think with”, or get confused by
  • Steer away from the dominant discourses and their buzz words
  • Remain marginal enough to be relatively free from outside agendas
  • Stay close enough to mainstream media, and institutions, to be part of their ongoing discussions
  • Remain passionately ambivalent, and willing to change my mind

Studio Kristoffer Ørum
Nørre Alle 11a kld, 2200 Kbh. N, Denmark

CVR: DK35576800