My name is Kristoffer ├śrum and I am an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and organiser based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I spend my time exploring contemporary notions of the everyday, how narratives of lived life are circulated, and what that circulation means for the ways in which we live our daily lives.

I draw inspiration from abundant sources of pseudo-scientific knowledge, conspiracy theories, established critical theory and what you can read on the back of cereal boxes.

I attempt to create new associations for familiar objects and phenomena, ranging from the complexity of economic terms, to physical effects of wireless networks.

My main strategies are deliberate misunderstandings, misreadings and chance operations, rather than reason.

Public presentations, internet projects, exhibitions, interventions, public commissions and teaching, are some of the ways in which I seek to question these existing narratives, and create new ones.

At the moment this site is under construction, but here you can find my old website here which contains a selection of my work.

If you are curious about anything, feel free to contact me at studio@oerum.org